Fancy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 Who doesn’t love dipped strawberries? Here are five easy ways to make them fancy.

Dipped strawberries are so simple to make yet they feel like an extra-special treat. I’m not sure why I don’t make them more often, and this year I’m making it a point to enjoy them whenever I can find good berries. They can be quite pricey to buy ready-made from a chocolatier, and especially if you buy them for a Valentine’s Day gift. I’ve put together an easy how-to so you can make your own version at home. 

I wrote and photographed this tutorial a while back for, but I never got around to sharing it here. Now feels like the right time with January’s days already passing quickly, but really there’s never a wrong time to eat dipped strawberries!  

If variety is the spice of life, then these strawberries are zesty indeed. My assortment is marbled, sprinkled, piped, gilded, and glittered. The diverse group is quite beautiful nestled in candy papers and presented together, but you can tailor your own assortment to the ingredients you have on hand or to what you like best.

Perhaps my favorite of the group is this pink-dipped version partially covered with white nonpareils. They have an extra sugary crunch that I find quite additive. I used , but you could also experiment with , which would be lovely with strawberries.

Marbled chocolate berries are so beautiful and tasty, and the technique just involves swirling the two melted candies together in a bowl. Easy and deeee-lish! And I love how each berry is unique.

Gilded berries can be made with , which is a cake decorator’s/confectioner’s best friend when it comes to getting fancy. I piped on a simple chocolate scroll using melted semisweet chips and a disposable piping bag.

If you’re a fan of blingy sweets, then cake decorator’s glitter is a quick way to achieve lots of sparkle. I covered a few berries completely with , and other berries were kissed with on their pointed ends. 

If you ask me, any party can be improved with a batch of dipped strawberries on the desserts table. They’re great for weddings and baby showers, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Easter holiday. But as I said earlier, you really need no special occasion to enjoy them!

The entire recipe with clear instructions and loads of how-to photos can be found 

By Published: Thursday, January 07, 2021Thursday, January 07, 2021



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