MBC LIVE – Bourbon (Themed Tasting 2)

About Erin

Born and raised in the Bluegrass, Erin has always held an affinity for her home state’s signature spirit. Throughout her world travels (35 countries and counting!), Erin delights in spreading the gospel of bourbon across the globe, from Spain to Korea, and especially in her now home of Washington, DC. Erin spent her formative years studying international relations and finding the best libations the Nation’s Capital has to offer. Though a high rye bourbon will always be her favorite, she can never say no to a pretty bottle. Always up for an adventure, Erin also enjoys kayaking, science fiction, exceptional cocktails, and travelling everywhere possible.

I’ll also add that Erin has served on the board of the Kentucky society of Washington since 2014 and is a prolific spirits and cocktail educator who runs a bunch of different classes for private and corporate clients. You can connect with her on Instagram at @erpdc.

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