Episode 201 – How to Pair Baijiu with Food

  • 50ml (or a little over an ounce and a half) of Ming River Baijiu

  • 25ml (or a little over ¾ oz) of lime juice

  • 15ml (or about a half an ounce) of simple syrup (or agave syrup)

  • A handful of basil leaves

  • And a slice of pineapple

Muddle the basil and pineapple in the bottom of a cocktail shaker, then add ice and your liquid ingredients, shake vigorously for about 15 seconds, then double strain into a stemmed cocktail glass, and enjoy.

The combination of lime juice and pineapple juice in this cocktail produces one of our favorite colors in the cocktail world: an eerie yellow-green. Sometimes you’ll see this in cocktails that contain Suze, but in this case it’s achieved completely with natural ingredients that happen to perfectly complement the insanely tropical flavor profile of the Ming River Baijiu. 

The other great thing about this drink is that it’s simple, scalable, and can be made with just one bottle of Baijiu and a trip to the grocery store, fitting in nicely with our past guest Maggie Hoffman’s approach to “One-Bottle Cocktails.”

Show Notes

We have a ton of resources and photos featuring both the bottles we enjoyed and some of the food that went with them. Check out the gallery below for some fun shots that might give you a hankering for some Baijiu and authentic Chinese cuisine.

Bottle Shots (In Order of Tasting)


Everything Bagel Potato Buns

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