Episode 175 – Intro to Aquavit with Christian Krogstad

We’re here, though, to talk specifically about Aquavit, the traditional Nordic spirit that walks and talks a little bit like gin, while following a few of its own unique botanical rules. But, before we launch our long-ships on seas perfumed by caraway and dill, let’s take a moment so that you can make yourself a drink,

In this Aquavit-driven conversation with Christian Krogstad, creator of Krogstad Aquavit, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What differentiates Aquavit from other botanical spirits like gin and genever

  • How Christian noticed an impending gap in Aquavit imports and used it as an opportunity to develop and launch his own brand.

  • The place that this Nordic spirit holds in Scandinavian cuisine and culture, including which foods to pair it with.

  • A few cocktails to play around with as you begin to build out your Aquavit collection at home,

  • What to drink with a college-age Stephen Hawking,

  • And much, much more

Featured Cocktail: Norwegian Paralysis

This episode’s featured cocktail is the Norwegian Paralysis. Developed by Martin Cate of Smuggler’s Cove fame, it’s a relatively low-ABV Tiki drink that gives Aquavit a chance to stretch its tropical legs. To make it, you’ll need:


Bread Slice Sugar Cookies

Brookie Cookies