Toasted Sesame Peanut Butter Balls

Toasted sesame seeds and ancho chile powder give this classic holiday candy a new twist. 

Tradition dictates that I make some kind of peanut butter and chocolate confection each year for Christmas. Sometimes it's , other times it's . This year I came across a new recipe that intrigued me with its simple ingredients and complex flavors. It incorporates benne seeds – a southern strain of sesame seeds – and ancho chile powder into a well-known classic candy.

The benne seed is an heirloom variety derived from the same plant as modern-day sesame seeds. They are scarce, but can be procured at. Since sesame seeds are their relative and more widely available (although flavor-wise, benne is more nuanced) I decided to use them in this recipe. It gave this candy a whole new personality!



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